Our mission & vision

Act, behave and lead by example according to the client's values !

We oversee how the work is carried out on behalf of a client by contractors or their subcontractors, and play a significant key role, in the efficient running and successful delivery of a project (safe, on time and within budget).

During the project, we are constantly remaining as Client's eyes, ears and voice. We provide all information on time, including consultation services based on our vast offshore experience.


Follow up as employer representative: Fabrication, Installation, commissioning, Heavy Lifting, Rigging, Inspection / Maintenance / Repair, Subsea & ROV work, could be involved in the project or campaign preparation, negations with contractors and other activities by Client request.

During the project act as Consultant and employer representative, additionally could be involved as commissioning supervisor and Quality Control during Foundation's fabrications and commissioning.

Working in the offshore industry since 2005, 
2005-2011 Oil & Gas (Drilling Rigs)
from 2012 Offshore Wind As Offshore Client Representatives our Company are playing a key role in the Client's Organization and provide customer service and assistance during Foundation's fabrications and installation offshore. We monitor, assess, and communicate their observations to the onshore project management teams during various phases, from onshore fabrication to offshore construction, final commissioning and future IMR (inspection, maintenance, and repair operations).